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Ukraine today

Situation in Ukraine – June, 2014


1.       Is it safe? 

It is safe in Kyiv and all the country except Eastern part. It was always safe and calm in the Western part of Ukraine. (where, by the way, our development office is located).

2.       What has happened?

 The criminal powers who according to different assumption have stolen up to 100 billion US dollars. Ukrainian nation stood against them bravely and peacefully, even when the powers started to kill people, to avoid new blood. They killed more than 100 people in the peaceful demonstration and run away to Russia.

3.       What has happened next? 

Russia used the unstable situation to bring their troops (more then 30 000) and steal the part of Ukrainian territory – Crimea.

4.       What is happening now? 

To both keep the Crimea by diverting the focus and to get new territory Russia started to bring their riot forces, hired gunmen and criminals to the Eastern part of Ukraine who started the terror. Ukrainian army and volunteers are fighting against them.


Is there any summary?

We are proud of Ukrainian nation who stood peacefully. We are proud about our brave people. And we know that anybody with good will can rely on Ukrainians in any cooperation, as it will be a very simple task to achieve comparing to acting such bravely and calm in such a difficult situations that we had.


What can I do?

We know that the good people from all over the world support Ukrainians. Thank you very much for that!  

What we also ask you – is to support us by doing business with companies from Ukraine.  You anyway need some goods or services, and if Ukrainians can do that well why don’t you cooperate with our people and do not just business but do the great impact for all the nation! What can be better as the story for grand children in the end of your years  then helping other people, helping entire nation!

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