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As best Friend would advice or LifeHack in IT

LifeHack in IT 

You probably know that LifeHack is trend word that means something that is easy to do but it makes your life much easier in some areas. We have one great LifeHack or say tip for you in software development.

After a company already decided to work with external team of software developers it/they worry about success of the project. Experienced worry about 3 main things:

(i) safety of a programming code (will somebody steal their large asset if there are already some work done), (ii) how well are the best working approaches are applied in this company, which means do they deliver results in time and quality needed, (iii) do they communicate well, as failures in communication are often the reasons of project failures.

So the question is how to reassure? Recommendations, success stories, software development standards? First two, yes, for sure, even better to have in addition recommendations and personal guarantees of success from management (or those who have much influence). The last one, standards, some experienced people don’t believe standards at all.

So where is the LifeHack? The LifeHack is to test the cooperation in working – by not by starting a software development project but starting a trial quality assurance (testing) project.

1) Code safety – in most stages of readiness you don’t need to show a code to testers, you just give them access as to regular user.

2) Best working approaches applied – you will see was everything delivered in time and quality (expectations) needed or not.

3) Good communication – you will see (i) how fast will be the request reaction; (ii) are they interested enough in achieving your goals, do they tell the truth and you can trust them (iii) and simply how good is the level of English to communicate well.

And the last one –the prices for quality assurance (testing) are in average lower than the prices of development plus you’ll see the quality of work done.

Summary of the LifeHack – you can reassure yourself for 2/3 or 67% of all possible issues (described at the beginning) without risking a code (risking much) and for relatively small amount of money.

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