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Why Ukraine?










Analytical value & high technical (engineering) expertise value

We offer (i) what you do need, (ii) in the best way you need it. That means that you will not receive a ‘monkey code’ or the parts of project that in the end you don’t know why those were done. But you receive the deep analysis of what should be done and how it should be done in the best way.

Time and distance closeness.

We have comfortable time differences both with EU and US. And from EU you can take a flight and meet your project team for a coffee in a few hours.

Cultural similarity. We do in time. We do as agreed.

Those who has some bad experiences of BPO know how much these short sentences mean for a successful software development comparing to other countries and cultures.

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Start doing business with Ukraine

What can be better in life – by simply doing your business as usual you can support even not a few people but entire nation their hard times in history.

In the end of your years…
This is a story that worth telling your grandkids for them to be proud of you.