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Investment management results tracking platform


Large Web Platforms

Technology used:

Java, Spring Framework, Spring JDBC Template, Servlets, Restlets Framework,  JAXB, Java Concurrency Framework, jUnit, Mockito, SAP SyBase, IBM Netezza


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Optigra team:  11 people  


Project duration: 18 month   

Current status: active development

The Client is a global financial corporation with market capitalization of c. $30 bn, providing investment management services to institutional clients.

Business need
The Client required a custom solution for:

● automated consolidation of performance data of all its mutual funds;
● automated reporting of this data to its numerous retail and institutional clients.

Because such system did not exist, periodic reporting to investors became a time consuming  task with a huge input of manual labour. Moreover, the Client’s competitors already offered their investors a real-time and on-demand tracking of investments’ performance, so it was of a strategic importance for the Client introduce such a service.

The server part is being written in Java, in order to ensure high performance of the application. The system consists of a web-based user interface and three data layers in back-end.

The main challenge overcome by the team was integrating various sources and layers of data. This is because the application has to communicate with several SAP SyBase databases and a data warehouse system IBM Netezza: when a user requests report for his balance, application performs requests to all related data storages and creates a summary.

The team has adopted best practices of Java development. Team members utilize test-driven development methodology and follow SOLID principles in order to speed-up the development process and to ensure flawlessness of the code.