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Business Intelligence platform for Enterprise

Big Data & BI


Technology used: MS SQL Server, SAP Sybase, Oracle, IBM Netezza, Jasper Server, IReport

Optigra team:  8 people  


Project duration: 12 month   



Current status: active development, support



The Client is a global financial corporation, providing investment management services to institutional clients.

Business need

The Client required a custom solution for:


  • building data warehouse databases and data marts;
  • building ETL processes;
  • building different kinds of reports and dashboards;


Because of huge number of input data company’s middle and high level managers and their customers need fast and timely possibility to make the rights decision. In this case was given task to build full Enterprise Reporting Platform with different level of access for managers and customers.



Client has many databases on different RDBMS and main goal was to develop new data warehouse database and ETL process which satisfy client’s needs. ETL tool was developed from the beginning in case of very specific needs. Jasper Server is used as Report Server because it is one of the best open source solutions on the market. Developing reports and dashboards is continues process which is in active phase now.

The team has adopted best practices of database, data warehouse design, SQL development and Jaspersoft reports and dashboards development. Team members are using modern technologies such as data visualization, interactive views, OLAP cubes to satisfy all client needs.