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We create own software development teams for our partners. We do this exceptionally. Fact.

Why? It is simple, we know our partners’ needs well and satisfy them. Let’s go through these needs and through the decision making process and you will see by yourself why.

Internal or external team, which to choose according to our needs?

To achieve the highest business results with a team of developers for sure you will be looking for:



Top-level experts.

Means to get the best analytic solutions and not inventing wheels. In EU and US it is usually very hard to find, hire and keep good experts while still keeping good costs and timing mix.

Optigra’s way: we hire top level engineers, as the result of  (i) top level tech education of Ukraine, (ii) diverse IT experience of engineers at the labor market – projects for Barclays, DB, GE, Skype, IBM etc.

High productivity&Business knowledge.

During the project you grow team’s business knowledge, it results in high productivity. But if it is hard to keep team members (e.x., expensive as in US or EU) and people quit often – business knowledge lost, and needs to be learned again, and it results in low productivity levels => less work done for the same money.

Optigra’s way: we keep the teams – by focusing on each team member’s needs and satisfying them, while large software companies usually don’t care much. While we keep the team inspired – and it brings high productivity in our partners external teams and the best results for their businesses.




Costs reduction => Profit Growth.

You know how high is the developer salary usually. But not only. While comparing internal and external teams people often forget about other expenses – on recruitment (internal or external), social benefits, office rent and utilities etc.
Optigra’s way: we have a perfect match of labor market, office costs, management professionalism and company size to achieve on average 30-40% cost reduction on IT, thus profit growth!

Fast scaling.

Sometimes in USA or some of EU countries 8 or more month needed to recruit 1 person, and in some of the countries almost impossible to dismiss employee at all. And it limits companies to grow the IT teams and take the business possibilities fast. As a result – they are losing money.
Optigra’s way: we hire engineers fast – in 1 or 2 month, we shorten the teams smart – in terms that were agreed previously and were suitable for both our partners and team members.