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If IT is crucial for your business there is a lot to be done. And in most cases the best decision is to have your own full-time team, internal or external. In our case we offer full-time external team. Or you can still stay with external fixed-term development model. What to choose depends on you needs. In both we guarantee that you’ll get these crucial points:


Top expertise.

 It is usually very hard to find, hire and maintain the top-level developers in EU or USA. But we have a large number of top-level developers both in our team and at our labor market. Why? Because of proved high quality engineering education in Ukraine and because developers tend to change jobs every few years they are able to gain very diverse industry and tech experience on different projects. Top expertise leads to better tech decisions and your projects success.

Easy to manage or One window solution.

And one responsible person for all the job to be done.

 can have all the task been solved in one window (i) one responsible for all these, you’ll spend less of your time for operational issues, (ii) you’ll have more time for more strategic challenges, (iii) you’ll be able to achieve more with the same budgets


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