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No up-front investments needed. Easy to scale.

 So you don’t risk the invested amount of money if you’ll need to stop the project. If you want to scale significantly minimum spendings needed.


 Your profit growth or costs cut.

The first thought is that ‘salaries are lower’. But it is only the top of iceberg. Also as our partner you don’t need to spend time and money for (i) recruiting and maintaining teams, (ii) for social payments, (iii) for office premises, utilities etc. Plus you will not waste up to 8 month of your time (losing money) while hiring the developer when we can do this up to 1 or 2 month maximum. And from our prospective the most important is that you can get better experts and they make the project more efficient

Efficient cash flow management.

As you ‘pay as you go’ you can manage the cash flows in the cheapest and most efficient way.




And the last one – you get a

 Higher ROI

 You can get better experts – better and faster results – for the same money (thus get higher return per 1 cent/pence).


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