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We know that You as a CEO are responsible for your company’s success: for the profits and market cap levels, for following the winning strategy etc. And if the business owners entrusted you their business they must trust you as an expert and trust you personally.


And we are convinced that you aim to achieve the highest result taking the lowest risks.


To meet these demands in software development we focus on delivering:


Top expertise


It is usually very hard to find, hire and maintain the top-level developers in EU or USA. But we have a large number of top-level developers both in our team and at our labor market. Why? Because of (i) proved high quality engineering education in Ukraine and (ii) because developers tend to change jobs every few years, as they are able to gain very diverse industry and tech experience on different projects.

Top expertise leads to better tech decisions and your projects success.




Your profit growth or costs cut.


The first thought is that ‘salaries are lower’. But it is only the top of iceberg. Also as our partner you don’t need to spend time and money for (i) recruiting and maintaining teams, (ii) for social payments, (iii) for office premises, utilities etc. Plus you will not waste up to 8 month of your time (losing money) while hiring the developer when we can do this up to 1 or 2 month maximum. And from our prospective the most important is that you can get better experts and they make the project more efficient



Low level of risks

We want you to feel safe about working with us. So you will get (i) right application of the best practices of project progress handling, (ii) our top expertise in software development and (iii) perfect communication. This combination may sound simple, but it is what is needed for projects to success.





Safety for your data.

We know well that information is usually top asset. And information leaks may be unforgivable for the company’s reputation. That is why you can expect the best solutions for specific data safety needs of your company.


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