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EBRD opens new resident office in Lviv

Check  the full text at official web-page of EBRD   “We are ready to support feasible private sector projects as well as necessary infrastructure investments in the entire country. By opening an office in Lviv we are signalling to the local and international business community that we…


Could Ukraine Be The Next Silicon Valley? Forbes

Recently Forbes analized new challenges and opportunities for Ukrainian tech industry What Makes A Tech Mecca? Ever since Silicon Valley emerged as the center of the technology world in the seventies and eighties, others have tried to followed its lead.  Most have failed, but a…


Ukraine today

Situation in Ukraine – June, 2014   1.       Is it safe?  It is safe in Kyiv and all the country except Eastern part. It was always safe and calm in the Western part of Ukraine. (where, by the way, our development office is located). 2.       What has…